Busy in quarantine

I update this blog less frequent than once per year, which sometimes makes me question why do I keep paying for this site. Be able to update blogs is always my pursuit, unfortunately there were always more code to write. It has been more than one year, last time I was still on how to MSAA on OpenGL 4, somehow it felt like a decade ago. The peaceful developing world took an interesting turn. A long run bull market is killed and NYSE triggered circuit break 4 times in 10 days. People are joking they now have 75% of Warren Buffet’s experience. Will this gonna be the story we told our grand children born after 2020? “You know back in 2020, it was a crazy year…”. We just saw the quarter of it, I am kind of expecting the crazier in the rest, will it be massive unemployment and a scary recession will be waiting? This week the market has recovered a bit of its confidence somehow, despite the Covid-19 cases are surging. A friend used to tell me, it would be a point where many will be killed by the virus and people just don’t care anymore, looks like the market is at that point.

It is the third week I am at home quarantine, but it has been a busy ride. I never got the chance to actually have this much free time to work on my own interest. Well, I merged 4 branches for taiwins so far. shockingly, it actually has this much work to do, if not this quarantine time, I probably will never have this much progress. It was supposed be finished in 2018 and I thought, “well, I should be finished soon”, then 2019 passed, there I just finished a console feature for launching applications and I had the second time wishful thinking. Now in this year I had to add features like dbus, tw_theme, it looks like necessary. I did not think a dbus feature toke me a month to develop, nor did I think a tw_theme would cost 2 full weeks, not to mention I have not yet finishing patching weston in upstream. All those toke trumendous amount of time. At this point I feel lucky for the coronavirus outbreak in someway, I wouldn’t be able to advance this much in progress. In am running out of time, in a few weeks I will be taking buses to work again. Then I would be back on track on my proprietary software job.

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