May 2020 Status Update

Forcing a monthly blog update seems to be a good idea, giving myself a reason to keep paying for this Domain. Also, I don’t usually has a topic to address specifically, a monthly update can fill this role. Anyway, time passes rapidly in quarantine my friends. I hope a few years forward when I look back at this moment, I would not feel I wasted so much time. I don’t actually feel I made much progress through this month. I would say, I am digging into my memory right now, it is hard to recall much in detail. yeah, that is life in quarantine, “stagnation”, like the blackwater.

Excepting that I announced taiwins on the wayland mailing list. It was, suprising I would say, more precisely, I didn’t have any idea what would happen. I got a handful people stared my project. I guess there are quite a few people be interested in switching to wayland, but unfortunately there were no people showed up much interest in helping developing it(let me be wrong please), which I obviously need the most. Taiwins was my quiet little personal project for this long(and also my biggest social life barrier, on the other hand), my father said it would be waste of time if nobody would use it. Maybe taiwins is that window manager that only fits my niche? I only hope later when it is more mature, I will be proved wrong. At this point, If I have to make a judgement, I think taiwins would be more like a lightweight DE like Xfce and lxde than compact window manager like i3wm, I would say in between. Would that be a niche market? Only time will tell I guess. Right now taiwins is far from a daily drive. I have to push it forward, next feature would be primary-selection and real useful website. Another thing I need to think right now is switching to use wlroots, it would be a painful refactoring. But it looks like libweston is really not going to the way I hoped.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I started to implement the animations system, wow this is the hell-I-remember many times I have to review on quaternions. And its interpolations. Interpolating multiple quaternion samples is hell of a job. How do I find the derivatives of quaternions anyway? Next step would be finishing the cubic and bezier interpolations on quaternions, before I can move to skinning.

Well, until next time.

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