June 2020 Status Update

MontrĂ©al is hotter than ever in this month, under the broiling sun, it was an exhausting quarantine. The first month I remeber I was feeling fortunate I got this aleatory chance for advancement of taiwins in this global pandemic, right now all I felt was the painful experience converting all the Taiwins server code away from libweston. Implementating of server side wayland objects was indeed unpleasant experience. Without libweston, I have to implement every little thing and get it right, even the basics 2D homogenous matrix operations for coordinates transformations. Just a days I ago I discovered my mistakenly used rotations in the “Y-up” coordinate system (like OpenGL) in the “Y-down” coordinate sytem (like Wayland protocol). The good news was that I did not give up, it seemed I overcame one difficulties after another, now at least I can paint my taiwins shell objects using a primitive renderer. In the end, hopefully I will end-up with a working and cleaner compositor library than libweston. This is certainly an encouraging news as I used to think a compositor library was not possible to finish with only two hands.

Aside from crunching for taiwins, there wasn’t much going on. Are we going out of this pandemic or expecting a second wave? Will we have a vaccine? I heard the virus has mutated, would the vaccine still be valid when it came out? This pandemic is certainly unprecendented for this generation, people are graduating online. global airlines are pratically dead. The city is half live and half dead. Just when you thought things are getting better then recently the massive BLM protests took on. So nope, we are going violent and chaotic all the way. Sadly I may leave Montreal for good this year. It felt like a relationship turned south, When I grab my luggage and get on the airplane a few month later, it would not be much a pleasant goodbye. Maybe I am too dramatic here, this is merely the aftermath of this exhausting pendamic, I am tired inside out. At least the stocking market is going rocket high right? Well, anyway, I guess there are many things we have no control over, I only hope we will coming out stronger.

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