July 2021 Status Update

I am now back in Canada, quarantined again. There is much of internal struggle whether I should move back or stay in Shanghai? Working for tech company in Shanghai or many cities in China would be like endless crunching. Maybe I was not used to this high-paced lifestyle, long working hours. Didn’t like javascript either. It is a pity that I didn’t find a nicer job maybe opens to better opportunities. I was focusing on the development of Taiwins back then, well it is working now and I don’t develop it anymore. The June was pretty unproductive, ever since the ICL implant surgery I couldn’t use computers for long, even now it is painful to do so. At least I get more time reading books?

It is a pretty sad story, there were too many scope creeping, techlogical decision changes last couple of years. Being able to work on this massive project is challenging and rewarding but on the other hand, it is pretty damn lonly too. I think no one else is really having geniune interest in it. It maybe much more attractive if all the visionary features are complete. But it may never be in that way though? Networkmanager seems to have a dbus API, but then what about alsa? blue-z? You will need native API for them. So for the widgets to really fly, you will need to support widgets through different processes. The taiwins shell would require a total redesign.

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